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The establishment of Nyali Foundation is rooted in the lived experience of a mother, who gained insight into the depth of the struggles of females in Sierra Leone. Mahawa Sandi, the founder of Nyali Foundation welcomed her first child, Leila Nyali, in April 2015.

Leila’s birth opened Mahawa’s eyes and heart to the intensity of the socio-economic inequities and inequalities in Sierra Leone. Realizing the immense privileges she could provide for her daughter in contrast to the children in her community, Mahawa began her new journey––philanthropy.

Nyali Foundation’s story is one of resilience, as our founder responded to injustice in the Sierra Leonean society by becoming one of the change makers of her generation!

Success Story

● On December 15, 2010 our founder (in her personal capacity back then) collaborated with Naomi Foundation to host a Christmas party for 300 underprivileged children from the following orphanages in Freetown: Heavens Home, Variety, St. George’s Home, Don Bosco, and Kroo Town Road Community.

● On December 25, 2016 Nyali Foundation visited Heavens Home orphanage to offer gifts to under-5 children.

● In February 2021 Nyali Foundation fixed the road at Spur Loop and provided street lights to the community

● In November 2022 Nyali Foundation held a youth engagement and sensitization session on the dangers of Kush and other drugs abused in the Wilberforce community, Freetown.

● On January 5, 2023 Nyali hosted a kids party inviting three orphanages namely: Raining Season Orphanage, St George Foundation, and Heavens Home.

● On January 5th, 2024 to celebrate our Executive Director’s birthday, we brought together over 150 children from three Freetown orphanages (Raining Season, St. George’s Foundation, and Heavens Home) for a joyful day at Sport Zone, Lumley. Laughter filled the air as they enjoyed games, activities, and treats, making their day truly special.


For providing women adequate access to the social and health determinants, and a safe space to voice their opinions for breaking the vicious cycle of mental health stigma.

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